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Announcing:                       Be The Light Campaign

Our objective is to help our community during these difficult times due to Covid, by giving back to those in need. With your help we could provide a family with a little financial assistance to help pay some bills, buy groceries , or even get your Hair and Nails done

For every $5 and above Donation, you will receive a Be the Light Key chain

Receive with $5 and above Donation

For every $25 and above Donation , you  will receive a Be the Light T-shirt.

Receive with your $35 Donation( Remember to include shirt size

Receive with your $25 Donation (Remember to include your shirt size)

Receive with your $25 Donation( Remember to include your shirt size

Our Goal is to collect enough donations where we could provide a family with a weekly cash amount or to provide Free hair or Nail Services to Families and Individuals in Need, Your Donations will help to achieve this Goal and together we can help a family get thru these difficult times and put a smile on someone face at the same time.

Be The Light and help a family in need,

T o become eligible to receive funds from the Be The Light Campaign, All applicants must fill out a form Below with their contact information and a brief description describing your situation. A name will be drawn at random from the list of applicants . If your name is selected you will be contacted and arrangements will be made for you to receive the available funds. Be sure to put BE The Light Campaign in the subject line and Describe your situation in the message area.

All applicants personal information will not be shared and will only be stored for the purpose of  providing eligible funds if your name is selected.

     I would like to Thank  all the Business  and Private Sponsors  for  your support and donations to the Alzheimer’s Foundation during our Ribbon Cutting Event>

    We could not have raised over $600.00 for this cause without all of your help.

    Port St John Veterinary Clinic

    Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce

    Mildred Shelton. R.N. with Be Prepared first in illness prevention

    Joanne Nicholson Panache Beauty

    Florida Beer Company

    Rick Miller Certified Financial Planner with Miller & Hurt Financial Group.

    Law Office of Amy B.Van Fossen, P.A.

    Tanz to go- Mobile Spray Tanning

    Lee Rayens Landscaping

    Ellen Duerr  Pampered Chef  Independent Director Consultant

    LeAnn Earle with Massage Therapy Associates of Brevard

    Amy and Gary Bankey  Reflections Paddleboard

    Susie Parente Uno Pizzeria-

    Brandy Collins

    Renee Dippel Ambiance Salon

    B&E Cleaning

    Kelly’s Smokin BBQ

    There were also many private donations made from locals from Brevard County Florida and Potter County Pennsylvania

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